Vigilante - War Of Ideas 2007


Catalog Nr: BR 046

Format: 2cd Limited

Label: Black Rain


cd2-01. Fair Fight (UBM Remix)

cd2-02. Fire (Neikka RPM Remix)

cd2-03. Fair Fight (Dreamside Remix)

cd2-04. Fair Fight (Lamia Remix)

cd2-05. Forever (Lucia Ponticas Remix)

cd2-06. Fair Fight (Reel Remix)

cd2-07. Fair Fight (Sophya Remix)

cd2-08. Fair Fight (Amateur God Remix)

cd2-09. Fair Fight (Container 90 Old School Mix)

cd2-10. Fair Fight (Forgotten Sunrise Remix)

cd2-11. Fair Fight (Deadcell Remix)

cd2-12. The Other Side (Alien Produkt Remix)


Notes: Remixers are listed in the wrong order in the inside linear notes.

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Agent Side Grinder - SFTWR 2013


Catalog Nr: KLA 06

Format: Cd

Label: Klangarkivet


1. Wolf Hour (Red Idiot Rmx)

2. Bring It Back (Mf/Mb/ Rmx)

3. Life In Advance (Jacques C Rmx)

4. Die To Live (Container 90 Rmx)

5. Voice Of Your Noise (Fold Rmx)

6. String Strikes (Cvrd By Styx Tyger)

7. Stranger Stranger (Dödens Lammungar Rmx)

8. Sleeping Fury (Mighty Thor Rmx)

9. Look Within (Du Pacque Rmx)

10.010-195 (Th. Tot Mx)

11.Black Vein (Rude 66 Rmx)

12.Rip Me (Sunbringer Rmx)

13.Die To Live (Blackstrap Rmx)

14.Life In Advance (Ccis Dub Mx)

15.Mag 7 (Jasper Tx Rmx)






Spark! - Spectrum 2015


Catalog Nr: PROCD 051 L

Format: 2Cd Limited

Label: Progress Productions


cd2-1. Dysfunctional (Feat. Biomekkanik) - Biomekkanik Remix

cd2-2. Nordost (Feat. Patenbrigade: Wolff) - Bodystyler Remix

cd2-3. Momentum (Feat. Substaat) - Titans Remix

cd2-4. Fangesinn (Feat. Xenturion Prime) - Xenturion Prime Remix

cd2-5. Weit Voraus (Feat. NordarR) - NordarR Remix

cd2-6. Rik På Frihet (Feat. Stockholm Wrecking Crew)

cd2-7. Light On (Feat. Dupont) - Container 90 Helleluja Remix


Notes: See full info at Discogs.



The Pain Machinery - Total Recall 2009


Catalog Nr: AD-hun-37-ep

Format: Cdm

Label: Advoxya


1. Total Recall (Extended Mix)

2. Bloody Retreat

3. Pre-Programmed Automatic (Dub)

4. Total Recall (Ted Barley Slow Beat Mix)

5. System Error (Electro Punk Remix) feat Container 90

6. Total Recall (Special German Version)

7. Bloody Retreat (Broken Beat Mix)

8. Acid Breakfast

9. Total Ibiza

10.Heat (Remix)

11.Weekend Warrior (Electromix)


Notes: Guest vocals(chior) by Ron.




Let There Be Synth Vol 3 - 2013


Catalog Nr: KOP 13

Format: 2Cd Compilation

Label: Kodapa


cd1-1. Egil Axelsson - Is It Safe?

cd1-2. Dead Eyes Open - Love No Hate

cd1-3. Arne Far Till Skara - Åkes Hönökaka

cd1-4. W Trebor - Assault - Disintegrate - Suffer - Religion

cd1-5. N-Stein - De Vanliga

cd1-6. 2nd Body feat Container 90 - Mathmatics

cd1-7. Swedish Bureau - Use Me

cd1-8. Köln 81 - False Messiah

cd1-9. Close To Nature - Falling Down

cd1-10.Wolf Dragonard - Pressure

cd1-11.Peter Rydén & Qrs - Turn The World

cd1-12.Subliminal Noize & Kona - Oscillator

cd1-13.Vogon Poetry - All I Want

cd1-14.Destination Okänd - Svarta Änglar (Demo 1995)


Notes: Lead vocals and lyrics by Ron. Chior by Jon. See full info at Discogs.