Monsters Of Zynth - 2005


Location: Satin, Örebro, Sweden


With: Mr Jones Machine













Zynth- & Gothkväll - 2005


Location: Ögir, Köping, Sweden


With: Ghostnail









Electro-Attack-Festival 6 - 2005


Location: Magdeburg, Germany


With:Supreme Court, Proceed, E-Craft, Spetsnaz, Cat Rapes Dog








Club Alternight - 2005


Location: Downtown, Eskilstuna, Sweden













Nichleben - 2006


Location: Frankfurt, Germany


With: Militant Cheerleaders On The Move, Orange Sector





Electric-Tremor-Festival 2006


Location: Beat Club, Dessau, Germany


With: Sturm Café, Militant Cheerleaders On The Move,

Kommando XY, Pinsel Liest









5 Jahre Electric Tremor - 2007


Location: Beat Club, Dessau, Germany


With: DAF.Partei, Presto Fervant, Mezire, T.A.N.K., Spetsnaz












Familientreffen III - 2007


Location: Sportsplats, Sandersleben, Germany


With: Der Prager Handgriff, Spetsnaz, Sturm Café, Jäger 90, Sequenz-E, Mr Jones Machine, Kraftakt, Kommando XY, Projekt A:E, Projekt Tanz, Astma, Minutka Square, Machine Soldier, Pinsel Liest!






Club Target -2007


Location: Göteborg, Sweden






Familientreffen IV - 2008


Location: Sportplatz, Sandersleben, Germany


With: Signal Aout 42, Ionic Vision, Orange Sector, Rummelsnuff, Turnball A.C´s, Astma, U.M.M., Spark!, Judge:Dred, Ekobrottsmyndigheten, A.D.A.C. 8286, Tech Nomader, Batch ID, Franz Riss, Body Pleasure, Frontal, Pinsel Liest!












Elektrisch Festival 12 - 2008


Location: Zwikau, Germany


With: Absolute Body Control, Tyske Ludder, Birmingham 6, Escelator, Astma, Pinsel Liest!










Club Bodytåget - 2008 (NO PICTURE)


Location: Suger Bar, Stockholm, Sweden




Wave Gothic Treffen - 2009


Location: Parkbühne, Leipzig, Germany


With: Nurzery Rhymes, MDM, State Of The Union, Painbastard, Aesthetic Perfection, Icon Of Coil + more.








Monitor Festival - 2009


Location: Stockholm, Sweden


With: En halvkokt i folie, Run Level Zero, The Pain Machinery












Meta Morfosi Livexperience - 2009


Location: Big Bang Disco Club, Rome, Italy


With: Klonavenus













Familientreffen VI - 2010


Location: Sportsplatz, Sandersleben, Germany


With: Buttermaker, The Eurofightaz, T.W.A.T., Hatbrott,

A.D.A.C. 8286, Octoberland, Spark!, DBS, C.C.C.P., Armageddon Dildos, Frontal, Ekobrottsmyndigheten, Astma, Combat Company, Turnbull A.C´s, Groupe-T, A.A.A.K., Schwefelgelb, Pankow











Club Bodytåget - 2010


Location: Suger Bar, Stockholm, Sweden


With: Hatbrott














Body Machine Body - 2010


Location: Tallin, Estonia


With: Spetsnaz, Broken Note, Symmetri Of Asymmetery, Sinine, Erilaz, Tallinn Daggers, Chaotic Dimension












Electrocution Festival III - 2011


Location: Rostock, Germany


With: Absolute Body Control, Mastertune, (Der) Prager Handgriff, Edriver 69



















Belgium Independent Music Fest - 2011


Location: Antwerpen, Belgium


With: Front 242, Clock DVA, Severed Heads, Suicide Commando, Pouppée Fabrikk, The Anti Group, Section 25, Pankow, Flesh & Fell, Turnbull A.C´s, Portrait Bizarre, A.A.A.K., Definitivos











EBM Bunker - 2012-02-10


Location: Garage Deluxe, München, Germany


With: Eskalator





EBM Day 24/2 - 2012


Location: Bochum, Germany


With: Spetsnaz, Autodafeh, E-Craft












Xelebration - 2012


Location: Oslo, Norway


With: Hocico, [:SITD:], Northborne, Jäger 90




EBM Music Club - 2013 (NO PICTURE)


Location: Köln, Germany


With: Combat Company




Bodyfest - 2013


Location: Nalen, Stockholm, Sweden


With: Das Ich, The Neon Judgement, Pouppée Fabrikk, Pankow, Spark!













Nuclear Nation -2014-03-01


Location: L'orient, Linköping, Sweden


With: Schutz Engel




Winter Stomp - 2014


Location: Kassel, Germany


With: Cover Company, Stockholm Wrecking Crew, Nordarr, AD:Key, Ekombrotsmyndigheten













Familientreffen X - 2014


Location: Sportsplatz, Sandersleben, Germany


With: And One, Signal Aout 42, A Split-Second, Menticide, Invincible Spirit, Plastic Noise Experience, Orange Sector, Rummelsnuff, Coinside, Jäger 90, Sequenz-E, Bodystyler, Forced Movment, Mao Tse Tung Experience, T.A.N.K, VS. Mezire, Oldschool Union, The Juggernauts, White Trash Wankers, Pokemon Reaktor, Deutschmaschine, System 84, Pinsel Liest!, Musik-Trio One & Two





Total Terror - 2014-10-11


Location: Showbarlang, Budapest, Hungary









Totaly: 29 gigs in 7 countries.




































Upcoming Gigs



















Electronic Winter - 30 January 2016


Neuroticfish (DE) - First time in Gothenburg in many years!

Robert Enforsen (SE) - The voice of Elegant Machinery will offer old classics and also the world premiere of brand new songs!

Parralox (AUS) - The Aussies are back with catchy electropop.

Sinestar (UK) - British synthpop with strong melodies.

EkoBrottsMyndigheten (SE) - Pure and straight forward Swedish EBM

Container 90 (SE) - Classic and simplistic body.


* ElectronicBaseMent - EBM dancefloor

* DJs and Dancefloors (only female DJs this time: DJ TheFixx, DJ Lynx, DJ Slackerbitch, DJ Paulina, DJ S4ria & Criss)

* Great beer at great prices

* Only 380 tickets available at


Tickets 395 SEK

Age: 18+ years

Open hours 18.00-03.00

Musikens Hus, Djurgårdsgatan 13, Göteborg







Past gigs